Ukes for Sale

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When you're just learning to play an instrument you're looking both for value and quality. In this regard there are two brands that have caught my attention -- Kala and Fluke. I have yet to meet a Kala or Fluke that I disliked. I have a six-string Kala tenor* and a fun little concert* Flea made by Fluke.

My Kala has a rich sound and the two extra strings add resonance (Most ukuleles have four strings). The Flea has the hard shell back which makes for a bright sound -- especially when I'm picking rather than strumming. The Flea is fun to play and I carry it with me when I travel. In May of 2013 I gave the commencement speech at Pacific Islands University on Guam. I brought the Flea with me and even played it during my speech. I love that because of its unique pineapple shape I can stand it on a desk.

I bought my Flea through Amazon from True Joy Acoustics. The shipping company damaged the box and True Joy Acoustics made it right. I've become one of their biggest fans.

*There are four basic ukulele sizes -- the soprano (the smallest), the concert (just a little longer neck), the tenor (an even longer neck and a bigger box), and the baritone (still bigger and usually tuned similar to a guitar). Even though I own (and play) several soprano ukes I default to my concert and tenor instruments because I have big adult fingers.

All of these instruments and accessories are fulfilled through